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Li Bien is one of the most famous trade names for inside painting, providing OEM/ODM service to customers all over the world.

Inside painting is an ancient art in China. By applying this technique to Christmas ornaments and other comtemporary household items, we make inside painting come alive again.

We are both a designer and a manufacturer.

In the past, we sold our products through resellers and distributors.

Today, we plan to focus on direct selling to cut down the cost for our customers. By buying from us directly, you will save and communicate to us your needs yourself.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

by Li Bien

Factory Direct China

Factory direct supply from China, instant response to your inquiries.

Custom Requests Accepted

Li Bien™ is widely known for its custom-made ornaments.

Wholesale Business

Manufacturing and selling goods in batch production mode, does not retail to the public.
Li Bien Santa Ornaments
Li Bien Ornaments